Sunday, February 15, 2009

Self Confidence

JuJitsu Women’s program will teach you self-confidence. Self-confidence is the foundation of all personal success. With self-confidence people will, try new things, go to new places and set larger and larger goals. With self-confidence you have a greater ability to be creative, to accept new challenges and to bring opportunity into your life. When you demonstrate self-confidence to others opportunities will flow towards you as they recognize that you have the confidence to handle any particular situation.

Sometimes we confuse a person with a smug, overbearing attitude as self-confidant when in fact they are merely arrogant. Self-confidence is not cockiness or conceit. Self-confidence is a sense of certainty, a belief that you can take on nearly any challenge in your environment.

Self-confidence can be helpful with a task or in new situations, like meeting a new person, or starting a new job. Self-confidence makes it easier to try and continue to do new things.

Throughout learning self-defense you’ll know more about yourself and develop more self-confidence, which is the goal of these lessons.

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